Buttery Pineapple Tarts (Sugar-Free, Keto-Friendly, Diabetic-Friendly)

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Buttery Pineapple Tarts (Sugar-Free, Diabetic-Friendly)

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Celebrate the festive Chinese New Year season with our buttery pineapple tarts that will give you all the pleasure without the guilt. Our recipe is made sugar-free with erythritol, a natural sugar found in plants and fruits. It contains almost no calories (it has 95% less calories than table sugar), and has a low glycemic impact (GI), making it great for diabetics and those on keto diets. Our pineapple jam is also handcooked in small batches with Thai honey pineapples, to ensure the highest quality and a comforting, homemade taste. 



Keep in airtight container for two weeks 

Ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, corn flour, pineapple, erythritol (natural sweetener), salt.

Allergen Note: Do note that our kitchen handles wheat, egg and dairy products on a daily basis for the production of other items, and bakes may contain trace amounts of such ingredients.


Approximate Weight: 290g

Additional costs will apply for individual paper bags requested.