Blueberry Elderflower Cake
Blueberry Elderflower Cake

Blueberry Elderflower Cake

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Elderflowers are subtle and sweet, perfect for those who prefers a mildly-scented floral flavour. Our October special features a unique pairing of elderflower and blueberry.

We infuse elderflower extracted from elder blossoms into our buttercream with handmade blueberry compote and topped it with ivory chocolate glaze, blueberries and marigold petals, for a crisp, palate-cleansing finish

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Available in the following sizes:
6", approx 1kg, good for 5-10 pax
8", approx 1.5kg, good for 10-15 pax
10", approx 3kg, good for 20-30 pax