Ruby Matcha Cake
Ruby Matcha Cake

Ruby Matcha Cake

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Ruby chocolate is the new fourth chocolate, made from the ruby cocoa bean which has a natural pink hue and a unique, distinctive fresh berry fruitiness. It's perfect for those who find milk and white chocolate too sweet, especially with our matcha pairing.

We use pure matcha powder in our matcha sponge, imported directly from Japan for premium quality. The sponges are layered with raspberry cream and coated with ruby whipped ganache, a light frosting that melts in your mouth. Topped with edible flowers and freeze-dried raspberries. This cake is free from artificial colouring and is sure to delight!

Do note that this is a fresh cream cake which requires refrigeration. This cake contains beef gelatine.

Available in the following sizes:
6", approx 1kg, good for 5-10 pax
8", approx 1.5kg, good for 10-15 pax
10", approx 3kg, good for 20-30 pax