February Special: Strawberry Chocolate Cake

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February Special: Strawberry Chocolate Cake

  • $55.00

Celebrate February, the season of love, with a time-honoured pairing of strawberry and chocolate. Our Strawberry Chocolate Cake consists of moist and dark chocolate sponge sandwiched between layers of handmade strawberry compote. Finished off with a coating of rich dark chocolate ganache made with Valrhona chocolate, fresh strawberries and freeze-dried strawberry sprinkles.



This cake can be displayed in an air-con room (at least 18°C) for up to 4 hours. It is not recommended to display or store cakes without air con, especially under the hot sun or in warm and humid areas.

If refrigerated, thaw at room temperature for approx. 30-60min or until cream is soft to touch. Do not consume straight from the fridge as it will be crumbly and hard to cut.

Leftovers can be kept in the fridge in an air-tight container up to 3 days, thaw 20-30mins before consumption.

6" Size - Approx. 1kg, good for 5-10 pax

8" Size - Approx. 1.7kg, good for 10-17 pax

10" Size - Approx. 2.9kg, good for 20-29 pax