Bubble Tea Tarts

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Bubble Tea Tarts

  • $34.00

Our Bubble Tea Tarts are a hit with all. Our almond tart shells are handmade and baked till golden brown for the perfect crust, filled with tea-infused ganache and topped with everyone's favourite boba tea pearls cooked fresh daily for the perfect chewy texture.

Available in two fixed flavours of original milk tea and matcha.




Display in cool, air-conditioned area and consume within the same day for best taste and texture. 

As pearls are made from tapioca, they must be consumed within 6 hours once received for the best taste and texture - do not keep the tarts overnight as the pearls will lose their perfect chew.

This product contain nuts. Each tart is approximately 8cm in diameter.

Additional costs will apply for individual paper bags requested.