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Custom Bakes

from $91.00
Our favorite rocket themed galaxy cake is an out-of-this-world birthday cake, featuring a
from $91.00
Blast off into space with this galaxy themed dreamy skied rocket cake! 
from $91.00
An aviation-themed cake featuring a sky blue hue, with handpiped 'clouds' and a pastel yellow
from $85.60
This vibrant yellow cake is adorned with building blocks fondant pieces on the circumference, decora
from $96.30
Our Firetruck Cake is perfect for fireman-themed parties! The sides feature handpiped red and orange
from $91.00
Our Orange Construction Cake is every construction lover's dream! We adorn the sides with 2D fondant
from $104.90
Have your head in the clouds with our Hot Air Balloons design, our pastel blue ombre base is adorned
from $135.00
Vroom your heart out with our customised Race Car Cake. This cake is coated in pastel blue fro
from $145.50
Our signature dark galaxy cake, topped with handmade fondant solar planets!
from $91.00
We embellish our galaxy cake with 3D hand-moulded fondant planets, along with a handsculpt
from $91.00
This train-themed cake features handcut fondant train motifs on the circumference and handpipe
from $91.00
A one-tier version of our popular transportation themed cake! The sides of this cake are adorned wit