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Custom Bakes

from $32.00
A mini 4" size cake (approx 3" tall), this cheerful design features a piped vibrant rainbow buttercr
from $32.00
A mini 4" size cake (approx 3" tall), this cheerful design features a vibrant rainbow buttercream sm
from $80.30
Our Candyland cake is the cake of every girl's dream. It has rainbow sprinkles on the circumfe
from $69.60
An understated cake, this design features a solid colour exterior, with cascading vibrant rainbow he
from $74.90
This popular design features an exterior adorned with confetti sprinkles, topped with an eye-c
from $80.30
This design features a chocolate drizzle and hand-placed confetti on the circumference. The top surf
from $80.30
Our Ice Cream Sundae Cake is coated with vibrant rainbow sprinkles, topped with a dark chocolate dri
from $91.00
Our signature ombre cake is glazed with chocolate drizzle and decorated with hand-placed confetti on
from $85.60
This popular cake features our signature ombre cake decorated with colourful confetti sprinkles, top
from $69.60
This ombre exterior is decorated a rainbow bunting on the circumference and rainbow sprinkles on t
from $96.30
This ombre exterior features cascading gold leaves on the circumference, rainbow sprinkles on
from $104.90
This pastel blue ombre base is adorned with pastel purple hot air balloons, topped with our signatur