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Custom Bakes

from $135.00
Our favorite rocket themed galaxy cake is an out-of-this-world birthday cake, featuring a
from $138.00
Our Soccer Ball cake is coated with a white buttercream, finished with handpiped grass butterc
from $113.40
Blast off into space with this galaxy themed dreamy skied rocket cake! 
from $194.40
Behold this masterpiece: the 3D rooster buttercream cake with exquisite fondant accents! O
from $129.60
This quirky monster cake features handpiped fur, and five googly fondant eyes that are sure to put a
from $129.60
An aviation-themed cake featuring a sky blue hue, with handpiped 'clouds' and a pastel yellow
from $151.20
An auspicious gold splattered cake frosted with red buttercream, with a Double Happiness emblem. Top
from $118.80
This popular longevity design features a red base with gold pearls and gold dusting on the rim
from $151.20
This design is for all avocado lovers out there! Our Avocado Lovers cake is adorned with fondant 2D
from $118.80
This barnyard animal cake is adorned with intricate fondant faces handmade by our fondant artists, i
from $118.80
Fulfill your NBA dreams with our handpiped basketball cake! Did you know basketballs were originally
from $151.20
Our sculpted bear cake features handpiped fur cream, along with a cheeky smile that's sure to put a