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Custom Bakes

from $226.80
This classic look features a rose gold and pink base topped with macarons and fresh eustomas for a s
from $226.80
Our popular rose gold ombre cake is Garnished with thyme sprigs, dried rose petals and baby's breath
from $282.60
Our Two-Tier Rose Gold Ombre Cake is such a timeless beauty, decorated with carnations and hydrangea
from $221.40
A chocolate version of our mixed berries and thyme cake is covered with chocolate ganache, garnished
from $226.80
This popular rustic cake is garnished with sprigs of thyme herbs, topped with fresh daisies and baby
from $252.30
A classic rustic cake look decorated with different woodland creatures decorated all over the cake.
from $221.40
Our two-tier version of our stunning Rustic Floral berry cake with 24 Karat edible gold leaves indiv
from $221.40
This rustic cake features thyme herb sprigs, along with 24 Karat edible gold leaves individually pla
from $221.40
This rustic cake is one of our favourites - the exterior features herb sprigs and edible floral peta
from $214.90
This classic design features a rustic exterior garnished with sprigs of lavender. Perfect for rustic
from $324.00
According to Chinese folk legend, longevity buns are a symbol of immortality and are popular auspici
from $221.40
This unusual pastel rainbow base features a unique textured exterior created by hand by our cake art