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Custom Bakes

from $221.40
This rustic cake is handpainted with rose gold swashes on both tiers, garnished with thyme herb spri
from $214.90
This classic design features a rustic exterior garnished with sprigs of fresh rosemary herbs and dri
from $221.40
Adding some shimmer to one of our classic rustic designs - featuring a gold-brushed circumference, g
from $345.60
A classic rustic design. Decorated with rosemary wreaths, eucalyptus and fresh eustomas for a subtle
from $221.40
This rustic cake features a unique textured surface, decorated with sprigs of thyme herbs and 24 Kar
from $221.40
A two-tier version of our classic rustic design, this rustic cake is decorated with 24 Karat gold le
from $356.40
This popular woodland-themed cake has a pastel rainbow bunting and handcut tree trunks on the circum
from $237.60
Popular for birthday celebrations and weddings, this silver ombre striped cake is handpainted with e
from $324.00
This cake features a wavy ombre texture in sky blue, decorated with fondant coins and 'sand' crumbs.
from $303.50
This two-tier design features a marbled exterior of sky blue and white that mimics the colours of th
from $214.90
A classy design for all occasions - this understated geometric look is embellished with gold-dusted
from $356.40
A two-tier version of our popular Space Galaxy cake, this design features a galaxy-inspired buttercr