Genmaicha Cake
Genmaicha Cake

Genmaicha Cake

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Surprise Mummy with our light genmaicha cake! Often referred to as 'popcorn tea', genmaicha is created by pairing Japanese green tea with roasted popped brown rice. 

We've paired our matcha sponge with a light genmaicha cream, made with an infusion of organic genmaicha tea leaves. Topped with pink marbled buttercream and dried strawberry sprinkles. This unique combination will be a hit with green tea lovers!

Please note that this is a buttercream cake. 

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Available in the following sizes:

6", approx 1kg, good for 5-8 pax
8", approx 1.5kg, good for 10-15 pax
10", approx 2.3kg good for 20-25pax