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Standard Bakes

from $70.10
Make this Father's Day special with our luxurious Chocolate Royale Cake! This decadent dessert is gl
from $61.00
If you love Ferrero Rochers and the classic pairing of hazelnuts and chocolate, this cake is for you
from $61.00
This classic chocolate cake features layers of chocolate sponge and 64% dark chocolate whipped ganac
from $59.10
A crowd favourite, our Cookie Dough Speculoos cake has something for everyone. Featuring cookie doug
from $69.80
This chocolate cake is so decadent and fudgy, you wouldn't guess it's keto, gluten-free and sugar-fr
from $59.10
Matcha lovers unite! Using premium pure Matcha powder imported from japan, the mild natural bitterne
from $59.10
Rum lovers, prepare to have a wild night with one of our favourite boozy specials! Our Rum and Raisi
from $57.10
Speculoos is the star ingredient in this flavour - we've paired it with a fluffy vanilla sponge, alt
from $57.10
One suitable for all ages! Our best-selling chocolate cake packs a punch with moist chocolate layers
from $69.30
Chocolatey, guilt-free goodness coming your way- we've perfected the texture of our chocol