Our Story

Edith Patisserie is a homestyle bakery helmed by Shaun and Ethel and a small team of dedicated bakers. We specialise in layered cakes for birthdays, weddings and all types of celebrations. We love creating not only new and original designs, but unique flavour pairings. When baking cakes and bakes, we keep our baking batches small to ensure freshness and also a consistent standard of taste and quality.  As cake lovers ourselves, we only serve what we'd love to eat too. 

Our recipes are meticulously taste-tested and tailored to local palates, meaning that they are lower in sugar, moist and tender. We also offer a range of healthier cake options for those with special dietary requirements - as purveyors of cake, we strive to offer something delicious for everyone!

We've come a long way from starting out in late 2013 baking for friends and family, but our humble baking philosophy has not changed since then. We take pride in the natural, rustic look and flavour of our cakes, almost as if it had been baked right in your kitchen. 

Why "Edith Patisserie"? The bakery is named after Ethel's loving mother, who sadly passed away when she was 18. We hope that our humble philosophy does her proud, and that our bakes bring you the warmth and comfort of family, celebration and happy memories.