Frequently Asked Questions

Free delivery for orders above $150

Frequently Asked Questions

Order and Lead Time Enquiries

Our Standard cakes.Mini Bites have a 2 days ordering lead time. 

Do note that as available slots are filled on a first come, first served basis, we'd recommend placing your order asap to secure your slot!  

Our Semi-customised cakes (existing designs found on our website with no further changes) have a 3-5 days ordering lead time.  

Do note that as available slots are filled on a first come, first served basis, we'd recommend placing your order asap to secure your slot!  

Our fully customised cakes have a 21 days ordering lead time.  

Cake designs/fondant pieces that are not part of our existing catalogue, and modifications to existing designs are considered fully customised cakes. 

Do note that as available slots are filled on a first come, first served basis, we'd recommend placing your order asap to secure your slot!   

Kindly refer to our colour chart here: Colour Chart for the available colours. 


Do note that colours available are dependent on each individual design. 

Cake Size and Storage Enquiries

Buttercream cake frosting is thickened with butter and it is soft and creamy at room temperature. The cake can be displayed in an air-con room (at least 18°C) for up to 4 hours. It is not recommended to display or store cakes without air con, especially under the hot sun or in warm and humid areas.


If refrigerated, thaw at room temperature for approx. 30-60min or until cream is soft to touch. Do not consume straight from the fridge as it will be crumbly and hard to cut.Leftovers can be kept in the fridge in an air-tight container up to 3 days, thaw 20-30mins before consumption. 

Fresh cream cakes should be kept refrigerated (not frozen) till time of consumption. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge in an air-tight container up to 3 days



For fondant that has been assembled: We'd recommend keeping your cake in a cool aircon environment (at least 18 degrees) for up to 4 hours for optimal appearance. 


For fondant that has been packed separately: We'd recommend keeping fondant pieces in a cool aircon environment. 


For the cake itself, do follow our recommended storage instructions for your correponding cake types!

We don't provide ice packs or cooler bags

All cakes are best consumed on the same day. To ensure freshness, we recommend keeping remaining slices in the fridge in an air-tight container for up to three (3) days from date of collection/delivery.

Try not to stay out in the hot sun too long and follow our storage instructions listed on our cake boxes. Our merciless weather isn't kind to our cakes, especially the fresh cream ones!

Tarts: Display in cool, air-conditioned area and consume within the same day for best taste and texture. Not recommended for overnight storage as tart shell may soften overnight/pearls will harden overnight


Cupcakes/Loaves: Display in cool, air-conditioned area and consume within the same day for best taste and texture. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge (in air-tight container) up to 2 days, thaw 20-30mins before consumption


Brownies/Blondies: Keep refrigerated for best taste and texture or display in air-con room for up to 5 hours. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge (in air-tight container) up to 3 days


Macarons: Keep refrigerated for best taste and texture. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge (in air-tight container) up to 3 days


Mini Honey Cake: Must be refrigerated for best taste and texture. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge (cling wrap or in air-tight container) up to 2 days


Cookies/Crunch Bites: Keep in airtight container for up 1-month

We do not offer every size for each design; available sizes will be in the dropdown option on each product page!

One tier cakes: 

Two Tier Sizing Chart-1

Two-tier cakes:

Two Tier Sizing Chart-1

For 12" cake orders, which are approximately 4kg and serves 40-50 pax, drop us an email at to enquire! Please note that not all our flavours are available in 12"


Unfortunately this is not possible. With two-tier cakes, it is not just a matter of stacking two cakes together as the process of assembling and decorating is entirely different from a standard, single-tier cake. We would not want to compromise on the look and taste of the final product. Check out our Two-tier collection for larger cake options to feed more mouths! 

Delivery and Collection Enquiries

Do check out our list of restricted zones here 

We also do not deliver to areas affected by road closure (i.e. during F1, NDP), and deliveries to Sentosa are available at an additional $10 surcharge. 

Orders below $150: $15 delivery charge

Orders above $150: Free delivery (Except to Sentosa and NA for restricted Zones)

Deliveries to Sentosa are available at an additional $10 surcharge.

Available Delivery Time Slots:

Tuesday to Sunday (CLOSED ON MONDAYS)




5pm-7pm (Not available on Sundays)


Do note that we are unable to guarantee delivery by a certain time or time slot. 

Collection Timings:

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-5pm (Last collection at 5.30pm)
Sunday: 10am-2pm (Last collection at 2.30pm)
Monday: CLOSED

Yes, we do. Do inform us of your reservation details (name and contact number) to ensure smooth delivery and for deliveries to hotels, we would require someone to meet the delivery driver at the hotel lobby to receive the order.


*Staff/Concierge must be aware of the delivery and be open during the delivery time slot chosen if the recipient would not be present to receive the delivery.

For optimal taste and texture of your cake, it would also be best to inform staff of storage conditions (i.e. Buttercream cakes are best kept in air-conditioned areas while Fresh cream cakes needs to be refrigerated)

Dates may be blocked for three main reasons:

  1. We are full for deliveries/collections for that day
  2. All orders are unavailable on Mondays as our shop is closed
  3. It is too close to your desired delivery date


As orders are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, we recommend placing your order ASAP to secure your desired date.

A strict 10-minute waiting time applies to every delivery. Items not collected within this period will incur a return-to-shop delivery fee as stipulated by the third party delivery company. Same day re-deliveries are not possible and collection of the returned orders are only available during operating hours. You have 2 days to collect your order after which the cake will be disposed.


Yes you can, please provide the order number, name and contact number of the person that made the order upon collection. 


If you’re engaging a third party courier service, inform them that they will have to:

  • Verify that everything is in order
  • Provide their signature as confirmation that the collection has been completed accurately


 *Signing the collection sheet denotes that the items have been checked and received in a good and undamaged condition. We will not be liable for any damage to the items once the transfer of responsibility has been passed.

An email confirmation will be sent a day before, to the person whom made the order to confirm the order and delivery/collection information. 


Do note that the recipient have to be present during the chosen delivery time-slot to receive the delivery. However, in the event where the intended recipient is not present during the delivery time slot chosen, re-delivery charges will apply and deliveries will be arranged for the earliest available day.

Do ensure the recipient is present, aware and contactable during the chosen 2-hour delivery time slot. 

*Receptions of healthcare establishments, office buildings and areas requiring a change of visitor pass will not receive any deliveries on behalf. Drivers have a 10-minute waiting period before re-delivery charges apply.

Dietary Requirement Enquiries

We are not a halal-certified bakery and our kitchen handles alcohol for the production of some of our cake flavours. Some of our cake flavours contain beef gelatin.

*Cake flavours that contain Alcohol:

*Cake flavours that contain Beef Gelatin: Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest, Yuzu Matcha,  

*All our Mini Bites do not contain any alcohol

*All bakes do not contain Pork Gelatin 

Yes! Do check out our “Healthier Options” collection for available vegan and gluten-free options. 


Mini Bites:

The following bakes have nuts as a main ingredient
- Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
- Peanut Butter Banana Cake
- Lemon Drizzle Bundt
- Hazelnut Brownies
- Chocolate Almond Crunch Bites
- Macarons
- Mini Tarts
- Bubble Tea Tarts
- Mini Lemon Loaves
- Mini Chocolate Candy Cupcakes
*Our monthly flavour specials may contain nuts as well!*
Do note that we handle nuts on a daily basis and some of the ingredients we use are manufactured in factories that handle and/or produce nut products. As such, we would advise against serving any of our cakes to individuals who have very bad nut allergies as we are unable to guarantee 100% nut-free bakes.



We are not able to reduce sugar in the recipes as it would change the cake’s taste and texture. 

Available flavours are:

Valrhona Chocolate Crunch*
Raspberry Passionfruit*
Chocolate Salted Caramel
Earl Grey Lavender*
Madagascan Vanilla

Premium Flavours 
Chocolate Hazelnut
Speculoos Chocolate Crunch*
Pandan Coconut Gula Melaka*
Vanilla & Strawberry Compote*
Lychee Rose*
Speculoos Cookie Dough 


To get a better idea of the ingredients of each flavour and sample images of the cake interiors, do check them out here:

Loyalty Programme

For existing and new customers, kindly register for an account here:


If you have previously registered for an account, kindly login to your account here:

Points are credited into your account within 3 working days upon completion of orders placed via the website. E.g. Collection/Delivery date of order is on 15 Dec 2019, points will be reflected in your account by 18 Dec 2019. 1 point is given for every dollar purchased (excluding delivery and any miscellaneous charges). 

Do note that crediting of points will be delayed if there are changes made to your order and points will be revoked for cancellations. 

Our loyalty points programme is not applicable for fully customised orders. 

All points accumulated will have a 3-months validity before it expires, i.e. Points earned on 31 December 2019 will expire on 31 March 2020 or points earned on 1 January 2020 will expire on 1 April 2020 and so forth. 

Point can be redeemed at the check-out page under 'Enter reward points to use'. 100 points is the minimum amount required for redemption and entitles you to $5 off your order. 

Points have to be redeemed in denominations of 100 or the system will be unable to deduct your points for redemption if other amount is entered (e.g. 120points, 250points and etc.)

Unfortunately, logging into the account would be required for points to be accumulated or redeemed. We are unable to award points or deduct points retroactively once payment for the order has been made. 

During our system upgrade from 1 Dec 2019 to 30 April 2020, points for your account will be credited in batches. Please remember to register for an account with the same email address for us to reinstate your points. 

Do note that the these points will expire on 30 June 2020. The transfer of points will cease from 30 April 2020. If you haven't registered for a new account, please do so here now:

Unfortunately, point accumulation and point redemption are not available for in-store purchases.