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Standard Bakes

from $58.00
A modern take on the black forest cake, this cake has layers of Kirsch-soaked chocolate sponge, fres
from $58.00
If you are a big fan of the traditional Chinese dessert, Black Sesame Paste, you will absolutely lov
from $59.90
If you love Ferrero Rochers and the classic pairing of hazelnuts and chocolate, this cake is for you
from $59.90
This classic chocolate cake features layers of chocolate sponge and 66% dark chocolate whipped ganac
from $75.00
Originally created as a special wedding cake order, this cult favourite of a cake was so popular tha
from $68.00
Introducing one of our popular sugar-free options! Featuring sugar-free vanilla sponge layered with
from $58.00
Our Strawberry Shortcake is simple yet elegant, with vanilla chiffon sponge made with fragrant vanil
from $58.00
Calling all tea lovers! This pillowy soft Thai tea sponge cake is lathered with luscious layers of T
from $66.00
This banana cake is so moist and delicious, no one would ever guess it’s made without eggs, re
from $59.00
Our refreshing Yuzu Matcha Cake is made with pure premium Matcha powder imported directly from Japan