Popular Birthday Cake Designs

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from $119.90
This popular longevity design features a red base with gold pearls and gold dusting on the rim
from $152.60
This design is for all avocado lovers out there! Our Avocado Lovers cake is adorned with fondant 2D
from $119.90
This barnyard animal cake is adorned with intricate fondant faces handmade by our fondant artists, i
from $119.90
This vibrant yellow cake is adorned with building blocks fondant pieces on the circumference, decora
from $136.30
A swarm of adorable bumble bees are flying around a bed of daises. Decorated with adorable fon
from $130.80
Our Candyland cake is the cake of every girl's dream. It has rainbow sprinkles on the circumfe
from $141.70
Another cherry-themed cake, this regal-looking cake features handpiped cherries and ruffle-piping to
from $174.40
This chocolatey cake is drizzled with dark chocolate ganache, and topped colourful strawberries, blu
from $125.40
This popular design features an exterior adorned with confetti sprinkles, topped with an eye-c
from $119.90
This dreamy marbled cake is topped with white macarons and translucent candy shards for the mo
from $218.00
This dreamy safari-inspired cake is adorned with intricate fondant animals handmade by our fondant a
from $141.70
According to Chinese folk legend, longevity buns are a symbol of immortality and are popular auspici