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Custom Bakes

from $359.70
An auspicious gold splattered cake frosted with red buttercream, with a Double Happiness emblem. Top
from $306.30
This popular longevity design features a two-tier red base with gold pearls and gold dusting on the
from $343.40
This un-BEE-lievably adorable Two Tier Bee Themed Cake would definitely be an attention grabber at a
from $216.90
This cake features a marbled exterior of black and gold, adorned with cascading gold leaves of 24 Ka
from $223.50
This two-tier cake features a marble of navy blue and black, topped with a white chocolate drizzle.
from $228.90
Simple and classy, our Two Tier Blue & Navy Blue Hydrangea Cake whisks you away to a whimsical world
from $306.30
This two-tiered bohemian-inspired design has gold-brushed accents on the circumference, crowned with
from $271.90
Introducing our delightful Two-Tier Bumble Bee & Daisies Cake. This cake is a masterpiece of artistr
from $306.30
This design is a two-tier version of our ever-popular Candyland cake, featuring rainbow sprinkles on
from $223.50
Calling out to all chocolate lovers! Our Chocolate Overload Cake is topped with dark chocolate drizz
from $237.60
This Two Tier Enchanted Garden Cake features a rustic cake dressed with fresh ecalyptus and sw
from $247.80
This Two Tier Ethereal Floral Cake features a simple pink marble surface adorned with fresh pi